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I'm Dana ♥.twenty-three-slash-thirteen year old supergirl wanna-be. Love me, hate me or geeez whatevaah! :)) And yess, I'm still broken.. broken beyond repair

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Monday, March 31, 2008
first time

So its my dad's first time to carry my little Dani :) He was so hesitant at first but with my mom's super convincing power.. tatah! Max (my Dad but his name is Danny :p I just want to call him like that cos of Max Alvarado and my mom Bella uhmm Bella Flores :) parehong kontra bulate kasi eh haha. pag nagaaway sila yan ang tawagan nila)was so happy and he even told me that I was like Dani before. yes ofcourse I was a baby too.. before.. oh no until now. . I'm his baby :) but he loves Dani now more than me.
Max and Bella crazy over Dani :)

The greatest person I've known
The guy of my biggest insipiration
The no.1 man in my life
yo! love, dana

Sunday, March 30, 2008
she's finally home

Its been two days since baby Dani went home. omg! Im starting to have super big eyebags cos I've been feeding her and changing her diapie evrynow and then. I didn't imagine that it would be this hard but oh well it's fun really :)

Sacrifices,pains.. whatever you call it.. its worth it. yess really. everytime I see her smiling and looking at me super tanggal ang pagod at puyat. I can't believe that I'm one heck of a mom. shacks haha. :) but I'm loving it.. can't wait for Dani to call me mommy na.

And ofcourse her dad? baliw na baliw sa kanya. haha He should be. Seeing them together.. cuddling and having their 'own talks' (hello? can she understand you but she can hear you. ok lusot ka.) is priceless. waaaahhh we're starting a family. :p

ok enough let me save some next time. more updates coming soon :)

shalala ♥
yo! love, dana

Sunday, March 23, 2008
happy easter

Maligayang araw ng pagkabuhay :) Ok, happy easter everyone! Are you happy? I am happy. We should all be happy. haha justa a quick post, nothing much to say or share.

hafta go to the hospital real quick. my little baby boo-boo's hungry.

see you later, calculator!
yo! love, dana

Friday, March 21, 2008
Good Friday it is

Today is Good Friday. Oh shoot I should be out doing the Visita Iglesia thingy instead of blogging. Well, my mom told me that we will be going to the church later for the Living Way of the Cross and The Senakulo (wonder who's gonna be Jesus Christ later).

Anyway I didn't forget to pray. yeah really I am more closer to Him. I've learned enough lessons this last four weeks and I have my entire life to show God how much I love Him and appreciated the second life He gave me though I'm such a stupid and not-so-worthy person in this world. (oh i hate being such a moron all my life) ooops sorry. but Im not making promises that sooner I'll be better. wahaha. I'll just shut my mouth and do good things in life so that I can make bawi to Him. :)

So enough of the crappy whatevers and just be happy.. Life is too damn short to be wasted all the time..

BTW, Dani's coming home next week. YAY for my Dani :)
yo! love, dana

Thursday, March 6, 2008
second chances

28 February 2008
1:47 PM
1150 grams, 39.5 cm
San Juan de dios Hospital

Hello World again. I suffered from eclampsia last thursday which led to an emergency CS. Doctors said I almost died of multiple organ failure--particularly my liver. :( as a result they had to cut me and say hi to my 7 months old baby girl in an early time.

Now Dani (Danielle Francesca Renèe slash muning), is in the incubator and will stay there for like 5-6 weeks for her to be fully termed. For her lungs to be mature and all the organs to function well. Good thing she's a fighter. Thank you to the whoaping P19,000 surfactant that was injected to her and some steroids that was given to me also a week before i gave birth. Thank you to the neonatologist, Dr. Grageda and to my OB Dra. Rivera togetehr with the whole team for saving me and my baby.

and shempre kay Papa Jesus for my second life ;)

Please Pray for our little Dani.

PS: Si Dani mukhang muning na sa sooper liit :)
yo! love, dana