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I'm Dana ♥.twenty-three-slash-thirteen year old supergirl wanna-be. Love me, hate me or geeez whatevaah! :)) And yess, I'm still broken.. broken beyond repair

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
oh san fo!

"Every man should love two cities; His own and San Francisco" - Anonymous

Bare with me, I kinda missed it. I love the place sooo much that I wanted to go there right now. For me it's the second best romantic place ever next to Paris. I love the people there, the tiangges, this GAP store in front of Pier 39, the cold breeze, the crookedest place on earth-Lombard St., the boat ride to Alcatraz, the uber big mall at downtown, the little Italy, the in-and-out burger, the clam chowder, the Golden gate, the Exploratorium, the beach.

Haaay.. I have many reasons why I love being there, I remember I wanted to be there every weekends so I can relax and just explore the must love city. Im'ma go there on December. YAY! :)

And for the photographers, you'll find the cheapest cameras there.. it's everywhere. The lenses are authentic but cheap plus you can ask for discounts only if you understand Mexicans, Chinese (the barok way of speaking. cute.) and Colombians cos most of them owns the shop.

anyhooo, san francisco waiyt for me ;) I'll see you real soon.

yo! love, dana

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I already found a store that sells I AM NINOY shirts! Yay :))
Anyhoo, I'm gonna blog about what happened last Friday night for Russelle's birthday booze :)) So the plan was to have dinner at the fort strip and then go clubbing but they just insisted that we stay at Pier One and just let the Embassy and Jaipur thingy pass :) I left the house at 7:00pm cos I need to pick up Micko at Citimotors, Magallanes. It's just 25 mins away form us cos I'll take the Merville shortcut but lo-and-behold I forgot that it's a Friday so heavy traffic! Damn I was at Citimotors around 7:40 (and we're super hungry already) After Magallanes we're off to Makati Ave to pick up the other boys (JC,JP,Eldric,Swing) and went directly to The Fort afterwards. We were waiting for the celebrant then outside Pier One, we got bored and took some pictures..

And in 20 mins we found ourselves already eating :) talk about pigging out baby! :) I miss them, it was like 2 weeks since I last saw them. Lots of catching up to do plus more teasing cos our friend have a boyfie now.. first bF it is :) yay congrats yin i lab yah :) me soo happy for you and allen :)) anyway I won't elaborate more I'll just leave you guys with these snapshots :)

dang, yayin, russelle and auda (TRIVIA: She was my hub's first ever super love ;) just sharing)

The night was swabe naman until my ride didn't start. It's the battery's fault. Oh the terminal pala. Idk. haha looser much. Geez I was crying then cos I thought we can't go home plus the hubby is acting up too much. Basta super I'm badtrip to him talaga (with the conyo accent) Good thing Allen (yin's bf was there super ready with everything with bonus mineral water for all of us) knows what to do. And Micko too. Grabe thanks guys for not leaving us there. You're the bestest :))

And before i forget Rus Happy Birthday :)) I heart you, you know that. You always got my back oki? And remeber we stil gonna hate the name DONNA okie? :) muah! thanks for the baby zara you gave Dani.

ON another story, SATURDAY 1:38pm the phone rings..

Dang: Hello Goodafternoon
Caller: Hello Goodafternoon, Can I speak to Mrs. Tan
Dang: Ayy sorry po wrong number
Caller: Oh sorry
Dang: no problem bye. *hangs up*

Mom asked me..

Mom: Sino yun Dang
Dang: Wala wrong number
Mom: Bakit sino hinahanap?
Dang: Mrs. Tan daw eh. ewan ba.
Mom: Tanga baka sa iyo yun, Si Dr. Grageda yon overseas call
Dang: Ay oonga kaya pala kaboses *and then laugh*

Oh diba? I totally forgot that my hubby's surname is Tan and it was me that he is looking for. haha sorry I'm not used to it. ;)

yo! love, dana

Thursday, August 21, 2008

When I was still young, I remember I used to ask my dad about Ninoy Aquino. I don't know what is he fighting for and why He once said that "Filipinos are worth dying for" And now as I reached this age of maturity, I can say there's a lot of Ninoy in me. Like him I want the Truth, Justice, and Peace. Dictatorship was not in his vocabulary that's why with chin up he fought with the then said greatest dictator in our history--Ferdinand Marcos. He was one of the strongest influences in the opposition party against the Marcos Administration. He relentlessly exposed and revealed all the graft and corruption happening behind the curtains of politics; thus, he became the arch rival of Ferdinand Marcos during the Martial Law era. His life was abruptly ended as he deplaned from a China Airlines flight from Boston by a couple of bullets through his head. His death sparked a series of revolutions against the administration leading to the EDSA Revolution of 1986. 25 years after, his legacy still remains in each and everyone of us. Still there's an unsolved mystery-- Who killed Ninoy? Until now many speculations, whereabouts and rumors spreading everywhere. Is it Galman or Ver? or the said gentleman in army uniform? No sure answers and no clear evidences. What will happen now? I don't know, WE don't know. Let's just live the life Ninoy wanted for every Filipinos where there is no wars, no corruptions, and no supreme leadership. It's hard, but then we can start with our own self. Again it's worth trying. :))

In relation to this, Do you know where I can buy I am Ninoy shirts? I really want to have one. What can I say I'm a fan. :)) So are you in? Burst out the Ninoy in You!



yo! love, dana

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
in the midst of a controversy

Yo! wazzup now? I've been blog hopping since yesterday and know what I visited 35 blogs today (how did I know? cos I wrote down the urls.) OMG. And there's one thing I noticed: They've been criticizing this new show on TV5 - LIPGLOSS an adaptation of the hit TV series Gossip Girl and follows the life of the students o an ultra-exclusivehigh school through the school's "unofficial" website. Although its not confirmed that it's the Philippine version of GG I think there's a resemblance since the storyline is somewhat the same as the ultra-famous version in the US. It stars Mikee Lee, Rodjun Cruz, Saab Magalona, Maxine Eigenman, Sam Concepcion, and many more :)) Though Saab Magalona wrote in her blog that its not like GG. "Everyone’s just been hating on it." Magalona says and suggested just to chill.

On the contrary people why don't we give chance to this show? Instead of looking at the worst side of it, why don't we peek at the brighter side and appreciate it eventhough you think it's jologs or corny or trying hard or wanna-be. I can't blame you because cos this is not the first time, remember tabing ilog from Dawson's Creek? I betcha you've watched it :) And hey We are Filipinos :) We should love our own though there are hundreds of reasons not to love our locals (shows) hehe :) Where's the patronism?. Or let's just put it this way better yet If you can't stand it remember this:IF YOU HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY, SHUT UP! It will help, I'm telling you! :)) these are some comments I've read:

This is too ambitious attempt. The Filipino crowd won't be able to reach th high end show Gossip Girl

No offense but I wonder why our TV writers can't think of anything a bit more original rather than just copying something that was popular on the other countries

Putek. ang corny. olats ito.

Filipinos can't truly create an original show. Too bad. Producers are just trying to create a show using someone else's creativity and originality.

Ok so I only typed few. My goodness I don't want to comment anymore. I'll just shut up. I haven't watched the pilot episode but on Saturday I promise I'll mark my planner so I can see this one :) I'll let my JOLOGS side out for a while :)

On much more lighter side, I have baby Dani's latest shots :) And btw again She's a she:

Danielle Francesca Renée

And oh before I forget congrats to Ava for passing CSB. I don't have Christine's results since she haven't updated me yet. :) Keep you posted.
yo! love, dana

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
I don't want to be cheezy

Two posts for this day! Argh! anyway I found this old photos at my multiply site and soo funny that after almost 6 love-hate years, we still have each other. Talk about more wars, fights and of course la-la-la love to share. So since I'm on the verge of showing this to everyone (which at some point I don't want to excessively flaunt my other not-oh-so-private-life) I'll let you peek on the brighter side of our freakin' partnership. .

We used to be friends before. See we're really young :)

After months of you know the courting stage or whatever come February 03, 2003 We're officially "on"

And then he introduced me

to his family

and friends

and now my turn

after 6 years, here we are now with a bonus

who would have thought that us being together will be close to perfect and these pictures will tell the world how grateful we are cos we got each other.

I never thought that these pictures will be cherished forever. The camera is one witness to that special bond we share. To this person, I owe 1/2 of my happiness with you. I'm looking forward for great years being with you and our little Dani. :)

Haha. I don't know what happened to me. I'm really getting cheesy I think :) Oh btw, If you happen to pass by Trinoma and you accidentally bumped to this person, tell him Dang and Dani loves him soo much :)

Ok enough for these crappy things! shalah! :D

I love you, you love me, we're a happy family.. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.. won't you say you love me too..

yo! love, dana


Are you up for DANA 101? I have nothing to do except for baby sitting Dani and since she's taking a nap, it's now time for me to blab things most people don't know about me. So get ready to scroll down and read this one :) And maybe you'll think I'm one heck of a crazy gal!

1. Before everyone except my family calls me Dana. Now they know me as Dang
2. I was born on a Saturday. July 27 1985 it is.
3. I'm an only child. which I have this love-hate thing with this fact.
4. When I was two, Dad told me that I applied omega on my whole body and started screaming "mama achim"
5. 3 years old when I got curious and intentionally stick my tongue on the freezer. and I can't take it off.
6. I started going to school at the age of 3. Periwinkle it is.
7.Learned to play piano at 3.5 years old and then started formal training immediately.
8. I do regular declamations eversince
9. During the 1990 Earthquake, My mom wasn't able to fetch me at school cos its going crazy already. I cried hard.
10. I used to buy chips with free stickers inside.
11. I wish I was a lefty.
12. I did tell my mom that I am "a teen" then.
13. I'm not a fan of sleeveless. I have big arms.
14. I used to hoard sanitary napkins when I was little. Hehehe.
15. I used to dream of me working at Mcdonalds.
16. I'm on the top list. hehe I used too.
17. I don't know how to use the computer before. haha.
18. I used to gather things that scatter. I repeat I used to.
19. I used to dance. I can groove baby.
20. Singing is my ultimate dream come true.
21. I used to dress-up boyish-ly.
22. I have this special friendship with someone back in high school. tsk. wrong move
23. I am crazy over Lloydy :)
24. A kid bite before cos I caught her stealing on our room back in grade school
25. I was accused of being a stealer twice. Grade school and high shool but they never got any evidence. those people who accused me ended up knealing on me.
26. I wanted to be a teacher's pet. Its fun I think.
27. I love roller blades but I never got a chance to own one.
28. I love bikes but again I don't own one.
29. I sucked at Spelling
30. Im a video game player wanna be
31. I love super mario. the family computer version.
32. I used to have long hair up to my waist but then i cut it really short now.
33. I wanted to be a pediatrician. dream on!
34. I entered an exclusive school- St. Paul College Paranaque
35. I also struggled with Erikson’s psychosocial theory identity versus role confusion stage. I did. I repeat, DID. Hehe. (like Twi. hihi)
36. I used to have braces. braceface I am ;)
37. I used to be a grade concious. haha
38. I miss Beverly Hills 90210 and Are you afraid of the Dark?
39. I can sleep all day. yeah you read it all day
40. I wanted twins. paternal.
41. I play a little tennis before and badminton
42. I fell inlove with mickey mouse eversince
43. I used to do telebabad for nth hours, but now I can’t even stand for 30 minutes. Hehe.
44. I have a good handwriting. really. no fluffy clouds or whatever.
45. I am once selected as best in uniform
46. We have no maids since I was first grade. We’re left alone at home. It was cool.
47. I used to keep a diary but my mom reads it. damn.
48. I love flying kites.
49. I'm not scared of being alone. Im tough :)
50. I used to live BLUE but now I love RED and VIOLET.
51. I go for drama and chick flick movies.
52. I love the movie An American Tale and Casper

Oh 49 to go. I'll be back on a short break people :)

53. I am maldita and I fight a lot when I was little.
54. I'm definetely a Daddy's girl
55. I am used of calling my mom--Bella and my dad--Max. (i teased them as mga kontrabida sa buhay ko :) Bella Flores and Max Alvarado)
56. I used to love numebr 27, 17 and 14 for some reasons.
55. I love my high school algebra and pe teacher! she's crazy beautiful :)
56. I used to love L**** a lot before. Take note I USED TO.
57. I used to give loads to this L****. wrong move again.
58. I fell inlove with my best friend. It sucks! haha
59. I am very sentimental.
60. I used to write a lot
61. I am once a campaign manager for USA party. United Students in Action.
62. And hey my party won ;)
63. I have this love-hate relationship with my good guy friend yuan.
64. I am now inlove with my total opposite.
65. I suffered from Eclampsia last February 28, 2008
66. I gave birth to a premature 2.2 lbs baby girl
67. I almost died
68. I saw my dead nanay
69. Relatives and my family didn't know that I was pregnant then until they sa me at the labor room.
70. I got mad with the student nurses because they keep on asking me about stuffs and they can't see that I'm in pain.
71. Yes I'm so vulnerable
72. I thought I was in the purgatory when I woke up
73. I dreamt of vampires and black people chasing me.
74. It took me 9.5 hours to go out to the recovery room
75. My blood pressure was a sky high at 160/120 while my normal is 90/70
76. I am super scared to die. I'm not ready yet.
77. I said I won't be having another kid. well I still don't know.
78. I tend to be too attached to people. Hard to let them go, especially the ones worth keeping.
79. I get ambivalent at times. It would take hours for me to decide on certain things, months for some. Most days, I ask people to decide for me, which is number 1, my dad. -like again twi :)
80. I have earrings but I don’t wear them. I barely wear accessories, except for very special occasions.
81. I do talk to myself in the mirror. I’m not psychotic or anything. That has been my “therapy”, my muni-muni moments.
82. I have a very low pain tolerance. Acetainophen is my best friend.
83. Backpacks are the bestest. Jansport's are loved :)
84. I smoke a little sometimes when I'm pissed :)
85. I'm not a beer drinker. Just give me a hard one.
86. I don't go clubbing. I don't have money to splurge :)
87. Havaianas are my way back addictions. I got 30+ pairs
88. I'm staring to love crocs.
89. I love my Karl Lagerfeld Jacket.
90. I'm starting to be vain. yeah!
91. I'm a sucker for cosmetics!
92. I love ball games. basketball and volleyball it is!
93. I am one of the few people who don't know how to play poker. but now I'm learning.
94. I'm a believer of "Practice makes everything perfect, but nobody's perfect so why practice?" hihi.
95. I'm super domesticated now.
96. I do the washing, ironing the clothes
97. I cook a lot now.
98. Sometimes I watch movies at the moviehouse alone.
99. I cry at super small things
100. Someone called me disgrasyada because of my situation. and i think I curse her :)
101. I'm loving my life and everything in it. My failures, triumphs, my some uber major plastic colleagues, my ever loyal friends, my lovable pets and great Fam. MAX, BELLA, DANI and FRANK.

Phew! That's all people, these are just 101 random facts about me and there's a thousand more to share but I'll just leave you with this. ;)
yo! love, dana

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
light doodles

I've been fascinated with light drawings/light graffiti/light scribbles ever since I gained a little knowledge on photography. (but I'm not really good at it though) So this evening I got too bored and decided to do light doodles. And heck it's not that easy. Here's the thing I'll let everyone see although its not that ok cos people bear with me, its my first time :)






o ha, o ha, Im such a wanna-be :)

I have the rest of the scribbles on my multiply account. But you can only see it if we're FRIENDS! but you can add me up and we'll see.. :) that's it for now. tatah!

yo! love, dana

Saturday, August 9, 2008
reason for breathing

And now I'm posting my Dani's latest picture. She's 5 months now. Who would have thought that she is a premature baby and was only 1 kg. when she said hello to this world. For months I'm so hesitant to show this because of someone who really annoys our happy family. Oh well, unhappy people envy happy ones so what they do is they pull down the happy ones to make them unhappy like them. That's crab mentality 101 people. And now here, look and stare. Isn't she the cutest?
Whenever I see your smiling face
I have to smile myself
Because I love you, yes I do
And when you give me that pretty little pout
It turns me inside out
There's something about you, baby
I don't know
yo! love, dana

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
not another sunny day

It's been raining like hell for like 3 days. Its cold and I can't help but to stay under my sheets plus I can't barely rise up for another day of work. damn! Im soooo tamad :) So the hubby didn't go to work today cos he is sick. But he just kept on lurking in front of his psp. I told him to rest but he won't listen. :)

Since we can't go out, after eating my lunch I hurriedly sat down in front of my PC and confirmed my orders for little miss sunshine's clothes. I'm falling inlove with online shopping though. Those sites at Multiply and a little bit on Ebay. I love love looking at their designs and cute stuffs. At first I was so hesitant to engage to the buying thingy on cyberspace but then again I tried it once and told myself that it ould just be for a single item I can't find in any store. So I gave in. And come 1 week after here I go again, confirming my orders. And now I'm hooked with it. Yet still there are advantages and disadvantages with online shopping.. so here are some

ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE SHOPPING: Convenience, no pressure shopping, savings in time, consistency between advertised price and site price, no driving and parking, sometimes no cost delivery even to third party receiver, information on product comparison easily available, sometimes price comparison available online, third party shopping sites keeping merchants competitive hence offering the best products and prices, 24/7 shopping, ease in merchandise cancellation or return, sometimes tracking of shipping available, large online shopping site offering store comparison and sometimes no taxes.

DISADVANTAGES OF ONLINE SHOPPING: Lack of touch and feel of merchandise, lack of personal attention from a salesman, not able to try the merchandise on (especially clothing), lack of close quality examination (physically visiting different stores and examine the same product is assuring but costly in time), more chances to encounter fraud (disappearance of shopping site), more chances for mistakes in ordering the wrong item.

So I have some tips to the buyers:

  1. Shop through reputable third party online shopping sites which select and filter to list only reputable merchants

  2. Familiarize with merchants' purchasing processes (beware of any process change when move from site to site)

  3. Always check terms and conditions (guarantee and refund policy) carefully before committing purchase

  4. Carefully fillout their order forms and make sure you have the right items that you want

  5. For delivery purposes ask the merchant for your package's tracking number.

And btw, If you're not sure about your orders don't confirm your orders or better yet don't try to order one so you won't be tag as a bogus buyer :) anyway, these are the following items that I'll be buying, tomorrow i'll start paying them so come last week of August its all been paid and no hassles.


yo! love, dana