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I'm Dana ♥.twenty-three-slash-thirteen year old supergirl wanna-be. Love me, hate me or geeez whatevaah! :)) And yess, I'm still broken.. broken beyond repair

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remember the girl from I am Sam And Charlotte's Web?
I didn't expect her to be from this:


Isn't she super pretty?
And oh btw, I think she'll be on the movie sequel of Twilight which is New Moon :) And I think she'll be a bloodsucker too there.

Yihee! No more updates. I'll just make *kwento* next time, My boss is here :)
keep it real!

yo! love, dana

Sunday, January 18, 2009
easy like a sunday morning

This morning we went to Mall of Asia for the "Angels4Autism" walk. And since Frank's has been listed by Fitness First, though its kinda hard to wake up early on a Sunday we still manage to get ourselves ready for the event. I didn't took a photo of the children (on purpose) cos I'm super lazy plus Dani's acting up. Oh anyway after the event, we ate at Mcdonalds cos we're starving :) Hey, I have my little sunshine's shots see..

And yesterday(Saturday) we went out with my FI friends cos its CHI's birthday! Yaayy. I love JTs Manukan now. OH well Happy Birthday Chi! Thanks for the chicken ass :) It made my night. really. :)

OH well again, that made my weekend. So how about yours? yaayy or naayy? okthanks byers next time ulit :) keep it real!

yo! love, dana

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
ask dani

DANI: You're Stinky Version

[edit] nothing much. I just want to post these so those people who are lurking here will see something quite cute enough to stare :) [/edit]

I'm on L-E-A-V-E! Yahooooooo :)

yo! love, dana

Monday, January 12, 2009
First Love

Sorry for this. I just can't get over this TV Ad. HOMAYGAWD! I looooooove it! Thanks McDo.

And speaking of Huling el Bimbo.. Yahoo! Eraserheads Final Set na. Oh March why can't you come now. I want Ely now. As in. :) This is NONSENSE! I know :) I'd come up with a better post this week. OK I have a juicy gossip about my life. Ha Ha Ha :P (what's funny? nothing. my seatmate's face) :) okthnxbyers
yo! love, dana

Saturday, January 3, 2009
a start of something new

New post for the year, baby! How was your new year? It rained on our place but still we managed to light up our sparkles and mini fountains. I think God really poured the rain on us on New Year's eve so that people won't be able to use lots of fireworks and to keep us from unwanted incidents. Good Lord :)

Anyways highways, its our 71st monthsary. (Hey babe, next month will be the you-know-what day. I know it'll be happy and perfect for both of us just like before.) And for that Frank wrote me a loooong letter on my planner. goodness! He wrote everywhere and he also wrote some important dates on our lives that I never thought he would know or even remember. He's so sweet :) I cried when I read it just this morning. (How I wish I was able to save all of his love note's to me even before I burned it cos I was terribly mad at him. Tsk. I have nothing to show our little girl about our *kilig* moments and *ligawan* thingy. Ooops we have our whole lives to show to her how great our love is.) Okay enough for too much bragging :) I'm having ants here.


I know someday you'll stumble on this blog. I know you'll get mad cos you don't want me to write anyything about you cos you are a private person. But what can I do? I just want to tell the whole world that I'm so blessed to have you in my life. You are my bestest best friend, my confidante, my knight-in-shinning whatever. Thank you for sticking up with me. I know we've gone through hell (and heaven too.) but still we're never apart like what others would want to happen.

For 6 years you never failed to make me smile (and cry) :). Thanks for that. Though sometimes I am making tampo cos you don't have time for me cos you have work. I do understand it, Its just because I'm missing you soo bad that's why I'll be mad at you so you'll make lambing to me na. :) 6 years of good friendship is enough to let me know you're a great man.

Thanks for the good genes btw. Thanks for little Dani! You gave me a very wonderful child. :)

ILOVEYOU & Happy 71st.

I wish you enough. And in case you're wondering.. You're still and will always be a breathe of fresh air.


Whew too much of being melodramatic causes me to be hungry. OH well I have super lots of stories to tell you guys but it'll be on the next posts. I'll just leave you with snapshots :)



yo! love, dana