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now when i caught myself i had to stop myself
from saying something that i shouldve never thought
just so you know

I'm Dana ♥.twenty-three-slash-thirteen year old supergirl wanna-be. Love me, hate me or geeez whatevaah! :)) And yess, I'm still broken.. broken beyond repair

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Saturday, May 31, 2008
a very special love

Happy happy birthday mommy :)

You know that we all love you though we're such pain in your ass..

thank you for many many :)

me hearts you a lot!
yo! love, dana

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last weekend, the gang went to Fontana Leisure Park for JC's Birthday Blast! And its super duper fun. Got to spend time with the bugoys and the girls :) damn. I missed them. Oh well we might see each other real soon for my baby Dani's christening.


yo! love, dana

Thursday, May 22, 2008
David Cooked Well

OMG.It was a close fight between David Archuleta and David Cook though Simon Cowell said yesterday that it was a 'Knockout' for Archuleta. But lo and behold COOKie Fanatics were able to prove that there can only be one American Idol. And it will only be David Cook :)

♥ David is Love ♥

yo! love, dana

Monday, May 19, 2008
bye bella

My mom which i fondly call Bella--for Bella Flores (kontrabida ng buhay ko) is off to Baguio with her Amigas. :) Yesss 4 days of free moving and not to mention some unplanned getaways with the gang and of course Dani.

To mommy, don't worry everything will be FINE :) Enjoy and be home next year haha. joke. next month :)

PS. Don't forget my white choco flakes and some strawberries. mwah! I love you mother!♥


And oh btw, I'm now so hooked with the infamous Twilight♥ saga. My curiosity urged me to buy the book, many told me that it was different to find cos you need reservations due to long lists of of buyers. But to my surprise I was able to buy the three book at Powerbooks Trinoma :) Talk about being lucky :) Oh men I didn't think that it would be great. I wanted to be one of the Cullen's now.. :) And I can't wait for the the next sequel. August 12, 2008 you're way to far yet.


yo! love, dana

Sunday, May 11, 2008
ang Inay. bow.

Maganda, Masipag at Maaalalahanin
Mapagmahal, mabait at mapagbigay din.
At sa pag-ibig naman ay di magmamaliw,
Yaan ang katangian ng Inay kong gilis.
Mula sa pagkabata hanggang sa paglaki,
Siya'y hindi nagsasa sa pag-iintindi.
Ang lahat ng mga bagay na aking kailangan,
Sa kanya ko utang na hindi mababayaran.
Kaya't pag-ibig ko ay alay din sa kanya,
Walang alinlangan at tunay na tunay pa.
Ito'y nararapat na iukol sa knaya,
Akong kanyang anak na inaruga niya.
Kaya ang payo ko sa lahat-lahat na,
Mahalin at sundin ang ating mga Ina.
Huwag pabayaan hanggang pagtanda nila,
Sa kanila natin utang buhay nating dala.
Bautista, Ma. Dana Ladin S.
Grade-6 St. Rose
SY 1997 - 1998
yo! love, dana

Friday, May 9, 2008
its your bday!

Happee Burfdei to the 2nd bestest Dad in the world and the bestest partner/husband/enemy in the universe :) I wish you happiness and more blessings to come. (wahaha parang showbiz lang) Anyway, no really from the very bottom of my healthy heart. :) Baih Thank you for everything, I know we've been through heaven and hell and many can attest to that but hey! I still find myself on your rightside everynight. Too much mushyness na, haha, basta happy birthday! Pa cheeseburger ka naman! :)

burger! burger!


yo! love, dana

Monday, May 5, 2008
if you have nothing good to say, shut up!

Oh well no relation with the post im gonna write today. There just shits in my life now who kept bugging us. Anyway we don't actually care. We're happy and we're not blabbing things about others :) We do have a nice breading and we are mature enough to fight back people who are constantly accusing us of somethings which are not totally true. Super pathetic! And btw, my bitchyness gave me a wonderful daughter and a loving partner plus super supportive parents not mentioning those who have helped my mom raised me and loyal friends. The heck, poor you.. I'm not the looser if the word "LOOSER" means having great people in my life well then "IM SUCH A LOOSER!"

A friend once said "Sometimes, unhappy people envy other people's happiness. So unhappy people try to put happy people down" - that's crab mentality 101. =)

Going back to reality: I'm currently hooked up with this RUSH HOUR game :) Men, I'm having a bad time trying to figure out how to escape the traffic. :) Sometimes I just try to peek at the answers cos their driving me insane. But atleast I've come up with a good strategy on the Beginner Level. (I've solved it without cheat) Try it its fun. I got it from Hobbes and Landes for P1199.00 cos I have the Deluxe one with metallic cars and black tray :)

My version of Rush Hour Deluxe :) I wasn't able to include the cards and the box :) :) :)

Try playing it online If you don't have one at home :) click here to play and have some fun :)
yo! love, dana