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Thursday, March 26, 2009
hey summer

YAY. I'm officially back to my blogger life. O ha. Its been like a month ata of no blog hopping and I missed it. I missed my online friends. I missed you. So how you've been? I'm quite ok though or should I say I'm super terribly good! So what made my month long absence in cyberspace? here:

03.01 : Dani's hotdog-riffffic birthday party. It was a held at the Le Pavillion of Multinational Village here in Paranaque. We had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme just so you know :) The place was filled with balloons and mickey mouse stuffs all-over. The caterer was superb! Everyone had different comments on the foods. The party shop who made the decors did a great job. Again everyone was like whoa! Though it's not that super grand cos I actually had to stick with the budget for the decors and I intended not to pay too much, I still fell inlove with it. Super simple yet super nice and colorful. Yehey to Ms. Olive & the gang. I'll post my suppliers' rating here :)


VENUE: Le Pavillion, Multinational Village, Parañaque.At first I thought that this place will be soo boring. Its open air and no good things in the place. Just plain and simple. That's all.Rating: 10Peso Power: 5K

FOOD & CATERING: We've been regular clients of QUEENSLAND CATERING and they never failed to serve us yummy foods. (I don't know with others ahh but we liked it anyway) And the thing is they don't cost too much like others. They're best seller? Pastel de Lengua.

Rating: 10 Peso Power: 30K+

VENUE DRESS UP: Ms. Olive of LET'S PARTY is the bestest :) I love her. Her works are simple yet super nice. I am so fascinated with balloon drops and she never failed to do one for Dani's Birthday.

Rating: 10++ Peso Power: You may visit her site or send her a message. http://letzparty.multiply.com

LOOTBAGS & PRIZES: From DIVISORIA, TOYS R US, & TOY KINGDOM. Dani has a clubhouse disney theme. And with that I really want mickey stuffs to be given away as prizes and lootbags. we had mickey mouse backpacks,& mickey mouse munchkin bag (I don't know what to call them cos they're like the box of the donuts) as souvenirs for the kids. Had notebooks, tin cans, ballpens, fan, cooking set, erasers, sharpeners, folders etc. all with a mickey mouse design. Thanks to my shopping powers. I'm never a fan of Divi cos I thought they don't carry nice stuffs but I was wrong, only if you're a good hunter. you'll find the bestest deals.

Rating: 10+++ Peso Power: 6K

CAKE & CUPCAKES: The original plan was to go for Sugarbox but then I can't reach the contact person so I decided to inquire at Kitchen Krafts but Frank didn't liked the design so what I did was to ask the help of Dani's former cake supplier, Ms. Kate of bewitchedkate.multiply.com She then referred me to her friend, Ms. Anna. I wanted a mickey mouse clubhouse as a topper with cupcakes to serve as souvenirs for the adults. Ms. Anna did a great job.

Rating: 10+++ Peso Power: 5K-6K

TARP & INVITES: Courtesy of a high school batchmate Diane Orsais and Tita Carla for the Tarp. Tita also provided other balloons. Thanks to the kids and Ate Cha :)

Rating: 10+++

DANI'S GOWN: From my mom's friend. Mother didn't like anything pink for Dani's birthday so she asked the designer to make a red ball gown for a baby. Anyway Dani look nice naman :)

Rating: 10+++Peso Power: 3K


Rating: 10+++Peso Power: 4K

OTHERS: Tinatamad na ko. ayoko na magkwenta ng mga nagastos. :)

P/S I'll update this tom. I have to go now baby's acting up again. :)

yo! love, dana

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I missed you
i'll be back sooooon.. :)

♥ D.

yo! love, dana