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I'm Dana ♥.twenty-three-slash-thirteen year old supergirl wanna-be. Love me, hate me or geeez whatevaah! :)) And yess, I'm still broken.. broken beyond repair

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
in this crazy world

Her: Will you love me for the rest of my life?
Him: No, I will love you for the rest of mine..
More Love this coming New Year!

yo! love, dana

Monday, December 29, 2008
see you on the other side

OH well 2008 is about to end for like 48 hours and we'll say to a new year, new hopes, new beginnings. As i am typing down this post I remembered all that has happened to me for this year. I think 2008 is not the year for me. I had too much pains, too much troubles, many criticisms and much more a near death experience. Though those things seemed to taught me a lot and made me a better person. I'll have a run down of the highlights of my life this year, just so you know.

JANUARY: I was 6 months pregnant the when my nanay was sent to the ICU. It was a major heartbreak for me. She's super important to me knowing that I was just a little girl she and her family took care of.

FEBRUARY: Second week of this month she died (my nanay). I just found myself in front of her coffin crying out loud. And due to too much stress I delivered a premature baby (7 mos and only 2.2 lbs) cos I suffered from Eclampsia. A very dangerous complication of pregnancy. I almost died. My doctor's were telling me that they'll save me and not the baby cos she's not really viable yet. And since all mom's were like "what fcuk are you talking about? save the life of the baby not me" I also uttered those words. Luckily we both survived though she needed to say in the incubator for a month for her organs to develop and for her lungs to mature.

MARCH: Money! All we need is money! My baby's ready to go home but the we still need to pay 80,000 for the hospital bill not including the PF. And since we're not prepared my mom shouldered half of the bill and had a strict rule that she'll not pay for the rest. My hubby and I kept fighting cos we don't know where to get the moolah. (FYI: My parents are really mad cos they don't know that I was pregnant then until they saw me at the labor room. I was rushed to the hospital morning of Feb. 28) Good thing they got to borrow money for someone. Total Bill for me and the baby? 350K. damn!

APRIL: Baih and I kept on fighting over petty things! It was a hard time for us. My parents kept on having this daily sermons to me. My relatives are laughing on me. My cousins we're like judging me. I know my titos and my titas we're telling their kids not to follow their "ate dana" cos I'm not a good example to them. I'm a failure. I'm not someone they can be proud of. And my answer to them? "I know, I am"

MAY: We need moolah again for Dani's Baptism. Mom and I kept on fighting cos I had to stick with our budget but then she had to many additions and everything. But with the help of the One up there its all done.

JUNE: I was desperate to look for a job! As in like superr badly needed. I don't like to go back to my old work kasi.

JULY: Oh its my birthday month. I must be happy this month I think..

AUGUST: My life's been crazy this month. Frank and I almost split up. PSP and cellphones were broken during this month cos he threw it and then slam it on the floor. We had space for 2 days. I cried a lot.

SEPTEMBER: I started working again. And then my mom's been crazy. She kept blabbing and blabbing and blabbing! I want to die! I can't stand it!

OCTOBER: Work is good. But I missed Frank. No time for us cos we're both busy. We always had this routine argument every night cos we missed each other soo much!

NOVEMBER: Still too much argument with mom. She's kinda acting weird this year. I don't know maybe its because I'm a failure to them.

DECEMBER: I fell in and then out of love in just a snap! I felt so stupid! NO really I am such a dork! I felt so guilty! I won't be elaborating. It just makes me look down on myself more and more.

See, my year's been one heck of a roller coaster ride. I didn't include others pa nga eh. But then I have high hope for the coming 2009. I won't be making my new year's resolution. why? I just don't want too. I'll just try to be a better and more improved person. Haha Goodluck to me! :)

This one's such a long post, Yea I know you want me to end this cos you're bored already and since you've been good to me this year I will end this one. BTW highway I want to thank all of you for spending a little time reading my thoguhts this year. I'm so glad I met you even though we're friends or buddies in cyberspace. I'm glad I caught you here. It's been so nice to meet all you guys! You're also the reason why I keep this blog running. Let's toast for another year ok?

So from My Family to yours..
Have A Very Happy New Year, See you on the other side!
Enjoy and Keep it Real :)
yo! love, dana

Saturday, December 20, 2008
nothing's gonna stop us now

We had a blast yesterday. It was our company's mini Christmas party plus we got to bond with the other district managers at Marina-Mall of Asia :) Wuhoo! Lots of booze and food and great time with them equals = f.u.n. I got to introduce Frank to them btw, and if you're asking me where's Mr. Halfday Boy? He's also there. *I just felt a little uncomfy cos both of them are around and I don't know why, I'm super bad I know* Anyhoo, let's not talk about my boys *waaah shet* I'll let you peek at our photos since my multiply's private.. so here :)

Arcy, Sir Joqs, Sir Rey and Sir Butch

Alice and Marnel

Sir Butch, Maam Johna, Maam Grace, Maam Khay

Sir Rey and Sir Sam

Plus the star of the night: RJ and Josh

Josh and RJ look good together and we kept teasing them. :) As for me now I promise them not to be lazy and I'll upload them right away. So I didn't break my promise. I'm now uplaoding it so they can have it by Monday. I love my workmates. They've been super good to us and they never let us pay if we go out on gimiks. As in never. I love them to bits :)

So enough chika now I'm off to another Christmas party! Fitness First Platinum it is! Byers. I'll be updating this sooooon maybe on the 24th. :) Advance Merry Christmas! Let's keep it real!

yo! love, dana

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
and after all, you're my wonderwall

Its 1:00 pm on the clock right now and here I am at the office. I'm not on the mood doing paper works and stuffs. I just want to think and think and think. Think of something sensible. Something that would make me feel a little more lighter cos somethings not right. What's wrong? I still don't know. I can't burst it all now. It's going to be more complicated. But I know everything will be okay..soon! I'm not loosing hope though.

on the happy mode:

Yay its Christmas :) You have plans? I don't have plans! What a good way to celebrate the happiest day on earth for me. Oh well just spending time with my family and some great parties with friends is enough to make it all worth it plus its the birthday of the One up there. It's also Dani's first christmas that's why I'm gonna make sure it'll be super fun for her.. :)

I have experienced shopping cute dresses and shoes for my little one and it's super kaduper I don't know the right word to describe it but its fun. :) I shopped at Rustan's cos it's not crowded there plus I like the lights. :) haha *super babaw*

Anyway Merry Christmas in advance and let us keep the world full of love :) hey! I love you :)

P.S. Mr. Halfday Boy? - he's gone haha :) for good.. oh no I kid. He's there and will always be there. (For him: Just remember all the things I told you yesterday okay) okthnxbyers!

Did you know that I'm a big fan of this famous mouse? I Love mickey mouse all the way but I don't like minnie mouse cos I find her super flirt. :) *haha ang sama ko*

yo! love, dana

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
and for the record

stop lurking on this one okay?
go back to work :) you're killing me!
and yess I'm serious! 

yo! love, dana

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
in a rush

People I'm soo back! after days of being sick, i'm so now ready to rock again :) I had viral infections for the last 5 days maybe because of the climate change and I don't drink vitamins cos I'm acidic. boo me! that's why I can easily catch up virus and I have weak immune system.

OH anyway! the halfday boy found this one! goodness! :P I can't really react to it but you know I'm kinda shy and I don't know :) I'm not happy though he'll read my thoughts and whatnots so I'm planning to make this one private? Is it possible? How should I make it private? Help me! It's killing me! :P really I'm not kidding!

And I now I know you halfday boy is reading this! Maybe its better to click the X button at the top of your screen huh? joke. so hi there! what's up with you? sorry wasn't able to reply to your messages. kinda busy :) okthnxbyers. see you around!

I'll leave you with this.. I want tawas :)

yo! love, dana

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
the tough gets going

I woke up at the wrong side of the bed this morning. Too bad its only Tuesday and yet my laziness mode just turned on. I hate to admit that I'm having this Tuesday sickness cos First, Tuesdays are for meetings ( I hate it! I'm allergic to my boss!) Second, It's a long day at the office because the meeting will eat up too much time and Third, I don't feel like going to work, enugh said. Oh well papel, what can I do know? I'm already here with my two managers? I just have to let time pass by. I hope its already 5:30 so I can go home and relax, cos as usual I have major tonsilitis again and again. I just had it last Saturday and know goodness another fever causing thingy on my body!

Anyways highways, I have nothing to say or write now. Halfday Boy is still not in.. Maybe he's absent or what cos I know there's a party at their place yesterday, maybe he's drunk or some kinda. OK hafta go now. bye :)
yo! love, dana

Monday, December 1, 2008

I don't know where to start.. uhmm hello :) I know you'll land on this one. I actually believed on your searching power! Oh well what can I say? You've read it :) Anyway, Thank You.. for always making me smile everyday though sometimes I may be a super pain in the ass and I'm super cranky cos of you know :) But hey Thanks!

After you read this I know you'll tease me but I wont react until you said the Halfday boy thingy :) Goodness I should be prepared! So again hello and welcome to my other little island on cyberspace :P
I'll see you at the office! :) kthnxbye.
Oh btw, i'll share you this video. When this song was released years ago, I fell inlove with it and dreams of listening to this (the freshmen) when I get old with someone whom I'll spend the rest of my life with. :)

yo! love, dana