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Thursday, November 27, 2008
im yours

I'm not on the verge telling blahs about my not-s0-happy-slash-but-kinda-exciting-somehow-life. Why I'm not on the mood? (1) I really don't know where to start, (2) I haven't really organize my thoughts which will only result to (3) something boring and nothing. (4) I have major issues in life that somehow decreases my oxytocin level a.k.a the happy hormones, (5) or maybe I'm just too lazy to think type think type and erase. Before actually having this post I was staring blank at my laptop, thinking of something worth it (my life, career, decisions to make and the others) to be written here. But I guess I failed. I always do. I swear. Its not good and I'm not happy.

For the past weeks of not having a real blog entry, I come to think about the reasons why I'm keeping these online journal. You know If we're friends even before, my life has been an open book to everyone. I keep it real. Good thing or bad thing it is there's no difference you'll really know whats up to me. I kept on blabbing my whatnots and I just realized (lately) that I'm losing something within me. I'm an ordinary working mom who needs some privacy. (oh shoot!) I promise myself not to broadcast my life but the heck I'm not getting used with it. It felt so crazy that me a happy-go-lucky person will just immediately change into a naive and more private woman. I know it will take time! But hey! I'm trying at least huh?! But what's the use of having these If I want a private life? Many of you guys we're actually wasting time reading my crazy thoughts, commenting and even judging. I can't blame you if you'll hate me with my entries or better yet be mad at me cos I talk too much. It's just the way it is. This is me. and for the record I'm keeping it real! OK. I'll stop now. too much again. I'm soo getting melodramatic.

on the lighter side; stop the privacy thingy :)
I think I'm inloove for the nth time or maybe not! :P Let's call him the Halfday Boy cos he always goes on a half day though he's telling the bosses that he's on a client call :) Boo him! I miss him tuloy everyday.. wahaha! or maybe he misses me? diba Kuya? I have an open letter to him, here.

Dear Mr. Halfday Boy,

Hi! We just saw each other at the office but I guess you're too tired to smile for me. I know you went to you're grandmom's wake and I do understand you being super stressed out! I hope tomorrow will be a new day! And btw, did you miss me? haha kidding not! :P Anyway, If today was worse, the next day will be the greatest and then pop! goes the weasle! OK let's smoke na, come on. :)


your happymess :P

I'm crazyI told you so. I just hope *crosses fingers* that he'll not land on to this blog or else I'll die! Until the next update. oh the Twilight's great! that's all :) tatah!
yo! love, dana

Thursday, November 20, 2008
a breathe of fresh air

and for now..
Meet my Rainbow Sky :)
(I'll update soon..promise!)
yo! love, dana

Friday, November 7, 2008
spiderpig, spiderpig

When Dani gets big, I will definitely let her watch Charlotte's Web. I just watched it few hours ago at HBO and like before it made me cry a lot :)

It's such a heart warming film about trust, friendship loyalty, sacrifice and humility. Fern (Dakota Fanning) is one of only two living beings who sees that Wilbur is a special animal as she raises him, the runt of the litter, into a terrific and radiant pig. As Wilbur moves into a new barn, he begins a second profound friendship with the most unlikely of creatures; a spider named Charlotte (Julia Roberts). And their bond inspires the animals around them to come together as a family. When the word gets out that Wilbur's days are numbered, it seems that only a miracle will save his life. Charlotte who sees miracles in the ordinary  spins words into her web in an effort to convince the farmer that Wilbur is "some pig" and worth saving.. It was then at the fair when Charlotte bid goodbye to Wilbur, while there, Charlotte produces an egg sac. She cannot return home with Wilbur because she is dying. Wilbur tearfully says goodbye to Charlotte but manages to take her egg sac home, where hundreds of offspring emerge. Most of the young spiders soon leave, but three, named Joy, Aranea and Nellie, stayed and become Wilbur's friends. 

yo! love, dana

Thursday, November 6, 2008
incredible obama

I will pretend i care about politics.

I like that tagline, Ch-ch....change!

OH MY FREAKING GOSH ..... (hold up, this is not so Pol.Sci-ish). Can I say I want to live in America... AGAIN? As in right now? Suddenly I wondered how good life could actually be with a genuinely working government. I don't even know what I'm missing because ours has been sucking since I was born. CORRECT? I think Obama maybe the next big thing since Princess Diana. Don't you think? But that's just me. Who am I to say that. I just read a good article from RD a couple of months ago, which I don't think I finished. All I remember from him is that he is aggressive.

Today, I switched on the TV and for turned to channel 28. NOT ESPN, my gahd what is wrong with me. There is a game today! Anyway this is priceless - it's so touching to see how the rejoicing goes in almost every nation. Seemed like they watched some game, held their breaths for a minute and blew out the "YES!"es when the votes came out.

I wonder how the dinner was like for Obama tonight! Hahahaha. The trivia stuff are cool too. For example, the fact that 43% of white people voted for Obama. I hope this can be compiled and I'll search them one day in Google. Hehehe!!!


like omg sweet, let's go to the states. come with me :) and let's meet up with Obama :P I have soo many questions :)

yo! love, dana

Monday, November 3, 2008

Late update again people. So how was your sembreak/halloween/vacay whatever you call your precious break from stress? Mine was great though our manager didn't allow as to go half-day last October 31! (corny eh :P) I was staring the office window over seeing Ayala ave. and lots of people we're rushing home, catching a ride. But the heck us? oh well still busy as hell doing paper works and stuffs! Oh men I hate the reality of having work. But I know I'll get used to it. I want more pressure and stress so I can lose weight. haha I wish :) 

November 1--Frank didn't go to work (cos we all know that if you're working at the mall, rain or shine, holiday or not you need to go to work to serve the people, the masses :p) so we decided to go visit my nanay at the manila memorial park. I was like whoa! nalipat na ba ang sm sucat sa memorial park dahil sa super dami ng mga stalls? KFC, Brothers Burger, Yellow Cab, Kenny Rogers, Mcdo, Andoks, Shakey's, Greenwich, Plato wraps are few stores that we saw. Well ofcourse before food hunting we first look for my nanay's place. Goodness naligaw kami sa sobrang dami ng people. There were hundreds of cars queueing to get inside the cemetery kasi. So we lit a candle, offered a prayer, I told nanay a story and off we search for food. I wasn't able to enjoy much cos I have stomach ache which is super booo! After 2 hours we went home. I was dead tired of walking!

November 2--Family day. We were supposed to go to Serendra but at the end we found ourselves at MOA. I don't know what urge me to drive all the way there. Just had a quick snack and a little walk at the hypermart to buy stuffs for Dani and then in the main mall to look for a nice office attire but I'm soo lucky I wasn't able to find one :( maybe next time. we'll see :) I had a picture of Little Ms. Sunshine. sorry low quality cos again boo me I forgot that i brought Sophia (my 400D) with me. I took the photo using my crappy 1.3 mega pixel fone which I got for free with the Globe plan :)

weee she's big now :)

That's all people :) I'll update again sooon. Stay Happy and Keep it Real! 

PS. I can't wait for the premiere of TWILIGHT! Yess, cos we have connections we got passes! :) love it!

yo! love, dana