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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
parallel whatever

This afternoon I had this examination for a big company in Makati. I was running pretty smooth until this audio asked me to spell the word "paralleled". Damn, it took me a while to figure the right spelling for it. Really kidding aside. (I'm such a Loohoser I know.) I came up with lots of spelling for it.

I spelled it like these:


My paper was full of erasures then until I arrived to this spelling


whoa! It's such a shame though cos the Test Administrator was staring at me. I can't imagine and I kept on laughing to myself because its an easy one yet I can't figure it out how to spell it right. What I did to get the right spelling? I think of the parallel lines and then add some -ed :) Gaaawd! I need to study-slash-practice my spelling skills again. After the exam, the Test Admin. approached me and we had this conversation:

HER: You had a hard time spelling paralleled ha!
ME: Ah yeah *smiles*
HER: Mas natagalan ka pa dyan kesa sa word na Loquacious at Pulchritude eh!
ME: Ayy hehe *smiles*

A lesson learned, read and read and read. So that the next you'll encouter words that you think you can spell easily but yet confusing will be a Chicken Feed :) I'm gonna armed myself with a mini dictionary starting tomorrow. :)

Other Story:

Breaking Dawn will be out next week! Yay, can't wait for Powerbooks to call me to pick-up my copy :) Oh, Edward my Edward. Why do you Bella instead of me? :P Sure everyone's been raving about it. And so the Twilight movie will be released on December right? but we have this MMFF thingy so will it be resked? I want to know now! haha.

enough of the long post. tatah! Stay happy people and let's spread the la-la-la-LOVE. :)

yo! love, dana

Monday, July 28, 2008
burfday pleasure

Yeah, Happy Birthday to me. Im 23 now. OMG. I'm getting older but its ok.
Im super happy :) Thanks for those who greeted me thru sms and thru cyberspace.

OK so yesterday day was great (7.27.08) I woke up early to prepare food. I took advantage of it since little Dani was still sleeping with her Dad. (yay for me its my day-off, I need not to attend too much to Dani cos Frank is with us) So I cooked Grilled Chicken, Fettucine Alfredo and Philadelphia Cheesesteak. Er, talk about power lunch huh? :) Good thing before they got up I was done with the whole thing, so the only thing they need to do is to pig out. And guess what? They did! haha. :P

For dinner, I just cooked steak for the sandwich and ate some left over pasta. :) We went to church since its a Sunday and went to buy some vitamins after. You noticed that I wasn't able to say or flaunt Frank's gift to me? Why? Because he doesn't have a gift. haha :) Only bought me cakes from everywhere. Now you know :)

Sure 'twas a super happy birthday for me, and to those who are celebrating their birthdays, CHEERS for a life full of love :)
yo! love, dana

Saturday, July 19, 2008
pumikit at humiling

Boyz II Men and insipirasyon ko para sa pamagat ng maikling sulatin na ito :) Ngayong papalapit na ng papalapit ang aking espesyal na araw, napagiisip ko tuloy ang mga bagay bagay na gusto ko. Simple lang naman walang engrande o ano pa man. Ako ay isang mababaw na tao, kahit ano pwede magpaligaya sa akin.

UNA Gusto ko sanang makasama ang aking pamilya. Yun lang. masaya na sigurado yun. wala na kong pwede ireklamo.

PANGALAWA Ninanais kong magkaroon ng isang bagong instrumento na pangkuha ng litrato. Isang HOLGA.

PANGATLO Sobrang gusto kong mabili ang isang panlamig sa MNG. Oo sobrang gusto ko ang problema wala ng kakasya sa akin. Nakakairita

PANGAPAT Gusto ko ng tinapay na nakamolde ka kopa. Katulad ng ibinibenta ni Kate. Gusto ko mga tatlumpo piraso o higit pa.

PANGLIMA Sana ay magkatotoo lahat ng hiniling ko Sa kanya. Pero kung ayaw Niya ok lang. Maintindihan ko. Alam ko na alam Niya ang nararapat sa akin.

Sa susunod na kaarawan ko sana eh mas masaya pa :)

Jusme, Ganto pala talaga kahirap gumawa ng isang sanaysay na puro tagalog. Pero ewan pag puro ingles naman eh ganoon din. Syet.
yo! love, dana

Thursday, July 17, 2008
its been soo long

yah, I usually get super excited when my birthday month (which is July) arrives. But heck now? what's wrong with me? Up to now I still have no plans or whatsoever for my big day! Anyway, I know there's just gonna be no surprises ar anything. Just a simple day for me :(

I have some issues with myself and I'm getting pissed off without me knowing what's what! I hate it!

Oh puhleeaassseee! I want a life :) night life it is! lets go out sometime friends :)

The bf is acting really weird! I'm soo not used to it! but I'm happy I think! haha. silly me!
yo! love, dana

Friday, July 4, 2008
greenbelt 3 is LOVE

I was with my friends slash kumares yesterday at Greenbelt. We ate at fuzion cafe and just chilled at their uber comfy beds :) haay I missed them as in! Its been a while since we had some talk about our own issues in life. I'm sooo happy talaga with them cos I know we don't have any pretentions or whatsoever between us. Talagang I love them :) Nothing still beats the friendship we had. Pareho kaming Lokaret, may topak, may pagkademanding, chikadora at syempre ang favorite bonding namin. ang kumain. :) Masaya kahit kaming tatlo lang at wala ang mga oa naming mga bfs. (miw,chi,baih) Our next bonding session? MARGE'S HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEHEY :)

yo! love, dana

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
coffee break

Ang buhay ay parang kape, wala sa tamis ang sarap..kundi sa pait
I saw this line a while ago on tv and it made me think and wonder. Sometimes Life is much more exciting when its bitter. (in any sense, do I make sense?) :) And hey btw for y'all.. IM SMILING really from within :) Good for me huh?

I'll update soon and more pictures from my recent afternoon date with my super cool girlfriends :) It's Marge's birthday on the 9th. weeh I'll see you brus on Tuesday and let's rock :)

yo! love, dana