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I'm Dana ♥.twenty-three-slash-thirteen year old supergirl wanna-be. Love me, hate me or geeez whatevaah! :)) And yess, I'm still broken.. broken beyond repair

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Thursday, October 16, 2008
the family it is.

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

Dani looks more like me? I don't think so cos the first one that I made which got lost showed that Dani is equally looked alike --like us :) half and half baby! But I don't know what happened now? Oh anyways its ok. I'm ok with it. I just hope that Dani will get my skin color! Yuhooo! We're getting there babe. 

yo! love, dana

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Im ecstatic!
I cant contain it.
Its been like 49 days of purely fun with my baby acer 2920z
But lo and behold in less than 1 week I'll be shifting again to a new one :)

apple, anyone?

Bella, you're the greatest ♥

yo! love, dana

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kleptomania (Greek: κλέπτειν, kleptein, "to steal", μανία, "mania") is the condition of not being able to resist the urge to steal. This disorder usually begins during puberty and usually lasts until late adulthood. In some cases, the disorder may never stop and lasts throughout the person's life.

This is not a good day for me! Someone whom I like to call "SIR" stole my freakin' money! Goodness gracious! That money is set to pay the bills! Shhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I've learned the lesson again in not a nice way. Sometimes its not really good to trust people that easily! They'll soon abuse your kindness! Damn you sir (insertnamehere), I look up to you but you just destroyed your reputation! I'll soon report it to the Administration, to our Superior! I won't let this happen to my other workmates! I swear! And I'll  start working on it tomorrow! 

Anyway, I'll blog about the other matters maybe tomorrow or the next day! I'm just pissed off right now! I need my relaxing tablets! And maybe ice cream and chocolates. 

yo! love, dana

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I can't wait for Dani's new toy

I was in Trinoma yesterday when I decided to drop by toys r us. I was actually looking for a tickle me elmo but the salesman asked me that their having a new elmo toy. He lets me watch the video and I got uber amazed. They told me that I can reserve one cos they're still coming up here in Manila. So I said yes :) The toy is about P5,000 but its worth it I think :)

Elmo Live Features

  • Elmoactually speaks as his mouth opens and closes just like the real muppet, Elmo, from Sesame Street
  • He waves his arms, sits and stands, even crosses his legs
  • Tells stories and jokes, singing songs and playing games
  • Head bobbles back and forth as he speaks
  • Children can activate the magic with a tickle or a squeeze of Elmo’s foot, tummy, back or nose 
yo! love, dana

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm not a photographer. I don't take good photos. My gawd! Teach me puhleease! I have a very amateur-ish shots here. Goodness gracious! They're all messed up! Sorry :)

Happy 68th Baih!
I love you :)
Just don't forget you promised that you'll give me your 13th month pay oki?

yo! love, dana

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I haven't been updating since last week. I'm quite busy with work, plurk and --the social life :) I missed you people! It's been ages.. haha. Anyway if you're wondering what's up with me.. here: :)

September 24

  • I went home late cos I need to finish something about the bidding at GSIS. I had a major fight with my mom who's acting really weird! I don't know what happened to her. Maybe its the effects of the menopause thingy! (though she's really not in that stage yet. I just kept teasing her if she starts to act up
September 25
  • I went to GSIS and submitted all my requirements for the bidding! Someone asked me to have coffee with him. I turned it down cos I wasn't able to tell my boss. :( boo-hoo me!
September 26
  • My sister-in-law and I had a majorly majoriffic fight! I hate her for that! cos you know we stayed at their place for two weeks cos my schedule is super terrible. Late Friday night she texted me: "Dang asan kana! -(thenamehere)" I replied: "still at work, tapusin ko lang ito and uwi na ako agad.. just put Dani down" I thought is just a simple thing that she's asking me where I am but wtf! she then replied to me: "Ah ok sige, kse kme d2 mdami dn gnagawa at pgod na peo tpos na sge INGAT KA NALANG!" the heck! my blood started rushing to my head! super sarcastic!n abnormal. whatevs! When I'm at work I do my work! I hate her for really having that attitude towards me and even to her older sister :P she pisses me off! and for two days I didn't talk to her! but now we're ok! haha--at least!
September 27
  • It's my day-off. I just spent my time with Dani. I took advantage when she took her nap. I had my nails done. Yihheee! atlast! I experienced the earth shake twice :)
September 28
  • We went home already at Multinational and went immediately to my mom's amiga's house cos it's her mom's happy birthday! (haha gulo) after which I hurriedly went to Makati to had dinner with Frank. :)
September 29
  • Monday sickness be gone :) I'm suuuper tamad to the max! It's prolly because of the weather :) Got home early.
September 30
  • My other sister-in-law was rushed to the hospital. She has gallstones and needed a Laparoscopic Surgery. After lunch Frank told me that He wanted to go to his cousin's wedding and so I said yes, I thought it's just around the metro but I got surprised when he told me that we need to go to Duhat, Sta.Cruz, Laguna. like whoa :) 2hours drive. And so he fetch me at the office and left around 3:30 (under time it is!) got their at 5;30. Had dinner and chit-chats. And off we went home at 8:00. It's fun though I'm tired of driving. He kept telling stories to me. Super quality time :) I love it! Around 9:00 we got hungry again at just had a quick snack at the gasoline station in SLEX. Super kwento again. It felt good that we had time to talk about everything interesting or not! We're like baliw cos we kept laughing and teasing each other cos we're so corny! Got home at 10:30
October 1
  • NO work :) ME LIKES IT! I played with Dani and watched Close to you :) Had an argument with Bella (my mom) Dani cam whoring at the web cam :P
October 2
  • I didn't go to work :) I woke up late. I was supposed to go half day but then I chose to just go to Ate Coco's. Super traffic along SLEX!
October 3
  • Yikkes! Tomorrow 68th month :) 
So there you go. Its a long post. sorry to keep you super bored! anyway, Dani's 7 months now :) She's soo adorable. Her first word? "ma-ma" yeaboi, i was screaming proud :)

I'll leave you with this! tatah! ♥

yo! love, dana